Back up a vCenter Server Appliance 6.5

vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 has a native integrated backup and restore for the appliance itself. This new, out-of-the box functionality enables users to back up vCenter Server and Platform Services Controller appliances directly from the VAMI (vCenter Appliance Management Interface) or API. The backup consists of a set of files that is streamed to a storage device of the user’s choosing using SCP, HTTP(S), or FTP(S) protocols. This backup fully supports vCenter Server Appliance instances with both embedded and external Platform Services Controller instances.

This native backup and restore vCSA 6.5 helps you to protect vCenter data and helps reduce the time required to restore your management stack. Backup of vCSA 6.5 process collects the important files into tar bundle and compress the bundle to reduce the load on the network. You too have option to encrypt the compressed file before transmission the backup files to the backup storage location.

Before back up your vCenter Server Appliance, you must meet this prerequisites:

  • You must have an FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, or SCP server up and running with sufficient disk space to store the backup.

  • Dedicate a separate folder on your server for each file-based backup.

First login to your vCenter Appliance Management Interface via a browser using  https://appliance-IP-address-or-FQDN:5480  with user root and password that you provided during the installation of vCSA.


After login, you will see the screen below, Appliance Management Interface which provides improved appliance management capabilities. In addition to CPU and memory statistics, it now shows network and database statistics, disk space usage, and health data.

In Summary page, click Backup to start back up of appliance.


Next you select the protocol to use to connect to your backup server. You can select FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, or SCP. Also provide backup location and optional you can choose to encrypt the backup with any password (you need this for Restore process of vCSA).    Click Next to select what to include on backup.


On the Select parts to backup page, review the data that is backed up by default. Click Next to review the configurations and finish.


On the Ready to complete page, review the summary information for the backup and click Finish.

The Backup Progress window opens and indicates the progress of the backup operation.


After the backup process finishes, click OK to close the Backup Progress window. We can check the destination location of the backup and see the files were backed up.


That’s all. You successfully created a backup file of the vCenter Server Appliance, simple via new VAMI in 6.5 version.

Note:  Back up of vCenter Server Appliance it is not a automatic process. You have to do a manual back up everytime you see it reasonable.

Thank you!

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