Add ESXi host to vCenter Server 6.5

Previous post we showed vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 installation and the vSphere Web Client. Now we can start managing vSphere environment in the vSphere Web Client. You must add ESXi hosts to the vCenter Server inventory, in order to create a vSphere environment and use vSphere features.

First login to your vcsa 6.5 with your administrator credentials and go to Home > Hosts and clusters. Right-click on your Datacenter -> Add Host. You can add hosts to datacenter objects and not directly to vCenter Server objects.


Enter the Hostname (FQDN) or IP of the host and click Next.


Here type the user name (root) and password for the ESXi host, and click Next. In Certificate Warning click Yes and continue to next screen.


In Host summary, just click Next.


Next you have to assign a license to the host. We have the option to accept the default evaluation license or assign a new license to the host. Click Next.


Here we can choose the lockdown mode option. To increase the security of your ESXi hosts, you can put them in lockdown mode. In lockdown mode, operations must be performed through vCenter Server by default. By default is Disabled, or you can select Normal mode, or Strict mode.  Click Next to continue.


Next choose a location on vCenter to put the virtual machines deployed.


In Ready to complete screen,  review the configuration made and click Finish. After task is completed, you should see the new host listed on Datacenter.


That’s it. Now we have successfully installed our vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 and added new ESXi 6.5 host to manage from vSphere client.


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