Create VMFS6 datastore in vSphere 6.5

VMFS datastores serve as repositories for virtual machines. You can set up VMFS datastores on any SCSI-based storage devices that the host discovers, including Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and local storage devices. Datastores that you deploy on block storage devices use the vSphere VMFS format, a special high-performance file system format that is optimized for storing virtual machines.

After we Configure iSCSI adapters  in previous article, now we will use those iSCSI target and create new VMFS datastore to use by ESXi hosts.

Open vSphere web client of your vCenter Server, go to Home -> Storage -> right-click on Datacenter -> Storage -> New Datastore.


In Location, just click Next.


On datastore type, click VMFS type and click Next.


Next enter the datastore name, select a host where this LUN will be accessible and select the device to use for your datastore in below list. Then click Next.


Next for VMFS version, choose version 6 (the latest version of VMFS) and click Next.


In next screen, specify partition configuration. You can choose to Use all available partitions or Use free space options. Then click Next to review all the configuration or Finish to create new datastore.


In Ready to complete screen, just have a look on all configuration made and click Finish to create the new VMFS6 datastore.


After task is finished successfully, you will see the new datastore listed on vCenter Storage inventory.


The datastore on the SCSI-based storage device is created. It is available to all hosts that have access to the device. Now you can use it for storing virtual machines files or anything else.

Thanks for reading and more for sharing it !!!

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