vSphere Integrated Container Fundamentals Course


vSphere Integrated Containers is a vSphere feature that allows VI admins to create container hosts that are deeply integrated with vSphere. Once provisioned by the VI admin, developers are able to use the Docker CLI and API to run images in secure Container VMs. This gives developers self-service capabilities while at the same time allowing VI admins to control resource allocation. Since vSphere Integrated Containers uses native vSphere constructs, it allows you to leverage your existing infrastructure, tooling, policies and processes to manage containerized applications.

VMware now provides a fundamentals course about vSphere Integrated Container, which you can find here.

Below I will provide the resources available to understand this new feature of vSphere and how to get started, gaining a deeper knowledge.

– What is a Container?

https://youtu.be/EnJ7qX9fkcU ]

– The Benefits of Containers

https://youtu.be/cCTLjAdIQho ]

– vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC) Overview

https://youtu.be/phsVFTVK4t4 ]

– vSphere Integrated Containers: Storage

https://youtu.be/WrVHbjTZHrs ]

– vSphere Integrated Containers Networking Overview

https://youtu.be/QLi9KasWLCM ]

– Container Registry

https://youtu.be/76rX4s73MrM ]

– Containers and VMs – A Practical Comparison

https://youtu.be/L1ie8negCjc ]

– Deploying vSphere Integrated Containers Appliance v1.4.0

https://youtu.be/DKR7ijfEHis ]

– vSphere Integrated Containers Demo

https://youtu.be/eh0KTVRwELA ]


Thanks and hope it will be helpful. 🙂

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