Part 4 – Install vRealize Operations 6.7 Endpoint Agent

vRealize Operations Manager Endpoint Agent (EPO) is a feature of vROPs, which can extend our visibility of the inner workings of our virtual machines to include monitoring the operating system, processes and applications within the virtual machine. It supports both windows and linux servers.

First we have to download agents from vmware site. Click here and choose the agent depending on your monitoring endpoint. After you download the file, put inside the target VM in order to install it.

Run the file and click Next.


Enter the server name or IP of vROPs.


Next we have to provide certificate thumbprint of vROPs appliance. To get this information, go to administration page of vRealize Operations, using https://fqdn_or_ip_of_vrops/admin and click the certificate icon on top right.


Copy the second certificate thumbprint as shown below and paste into the installer.


Provide username and password to authenticate with the server and click Next. Choose a directory for the installer files, accept the EULA and finish. It takes 1 minute to finish.

Under Services on windows, check for End Point Operations Management Agent service and ensure it is running.

Now we are going to install also EPO agent on Linux server. Copy the .rpm file inside the server and run it.


Edit the file  /opt/vmware/epops-agent/conf/ and change the values :






Save the file and start the service with command- service epops-agent start

After the agents are running, go to Environment, all objects under EP Ops Agent and check the data for vm monitoring.



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