Understanding vSAN Storage Policies

  Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) is a storage policy framework that provides a single unified control plane across a broad range of data services and storage solutions. The framework helps to align storage with application demands of your virtual machines. SPBM enables the following mechanisms: Advertisement of storage capabilities and data services that storage… Read More Understanding vSAN Storage Policies

Understanding vSAN Disk Groups

  VMware vSAN is enterprise-class storage for hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). Native to the vSphere hypervisor, vSAN delivers flash-optimized, secure storage. It utilizes commodity x86 server components to lower costs up to 50% versus traditional server and storage array architectures. A wide variety of deployment and configuration options make vSAN a flexible and highly scalable HCI storage… Read More Understanding vSAN Disk Groups

Top things to know about vSAN

As we know so far VMware vSAN is a distributed layer of software that runs natively as a part of the ESXi hypervisor. vSAN aggregates local or direct-attached capacity devices of a host cluster and creates a single storage pool shared across all hosts in the vSAN cluster. While supporting VMware features that require shared storage, such as HA, vMotion, and DRS, vSAN eliminates the need… Read More Top things to know about vSAN